Company Information

The idea for OSBackup was born in May 2003 when the two founders of the service realised they faced a problem common to many small businesses - Backups. Most homes and small businesses do not perform any kind of regular backups, and those that do often use unreliable systems that require someone to remember to actually perform the backups. Backups are rarely tested, and tapes, disks and CDs are prone to errors which are never discovered until disaster strikes. A further problem is that the backups are often stored with the computer itself or at least in the same building. Fire, flood or theft can lead to the backups being lost along with the original files.

The founders of OSBackup decided to design a fast, efficient, secure and automatic system for backing up files and data to an off-site location. Having used the system themselves, they decided to start providing the system as a service to home and small business customers. Now you can receive the peace of mind that comes from having your data safely stored off-site.

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