Backups for business

Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Package provides 1Gb of storage space initially to backup your all your files, emails and data. The Deluxe Package is designed for small businssese or home offices who want to backup all their data, including documents, emails, accounting data and more. As with all our backup packages, the Deluxe Package includes automatic archiving to enable you to retrieve an earlier version of your files (see below for details).

All this is provided for only $50 per Gigabyte of storage, per month. Your account will start with 1Gb of storage and will upgrade automatically in 1Gb increments as you use more space.

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Automatic Archiving

Every day our system creates an archive copy of your data. In addition to these daily archives, a weekly archive is created at the end of each week. The last 7 daily archives and the last 4 weekly archives are saved in your account. This means that you can retrieve a file as it existed any day in the last 7 days, and as it existed at the end of each of the last 4 weeks. Why keep all these extra versions of your files? The most important reason is to provide additional copies of your files for restoring. What would happen if we only kept the most recent copy of your files and a file became corrupted on your computer. If you didn't realise the file was damaged before your next backup then the corrupted file would be backed up and the original would be lost forever. By keeping a history of files we allow you to restore an earlier version of a file at any time. This historical recovery feature ensures that if a file becomes corrputed or is deleted, you have the option of recovering an older version of the file.

You may be concerned about the additional storage space required to store these archives. Our file synchronization technology means that when you perform a backup, only the parts of each file that have actually changed are transferred to the server. In turn, the space required for the achives is only the size of the changes to each file. Therefore, the additional storage space required for daily archives of several hundred megabytes of data may only take up few kilobytes of storage. The tradeoff in additional storage space is more than outweighed by the advantages of having access to historical versions of your files.

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