Get peace of mind with
OSBackup's Online Backup Service

With OSBackup, your files are backed up over the Internet to our servers, providing you with safe, reliable backups of all your critical files and information.

OSBackup is:


Your files are safely stored on our servers. Should anything happen to your computer or files you can easily retrieve them. You can even retrieve individual files using only a web browser from anywhere in the world.


Your files are encrypted while they are transferred to our servers. Your files are stored on our secure servers and only you have access to them using your account name and password.


OSBackup can be configured to run automatically each day. Your files are backed up without any intervention from you. No more having to remember to do backups.

For more information about the services that are available, click on the links at the top of the page to find out about our various backup packages.

For more details about OSBackup, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

*** New ***

OSBackup now has the option of a free seven (7) day trial account. A fully-operational account will be made available for you to test the software and service. Click here to signup!

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